The invaluable lesson a Roger Federer video taught me about long term real estate investing

Roger Federer, arguably the best tennis player in the history of the sport, visited the Google campus in Mountain View a few weeks back along with his coach Stefan Edberg (one of the game's greats in his own right). During that visit, they put on … Continue reading

Case Study: Small multifamily investments in growing Texas market

When market dynamics change, long term real estate investors have to adapt their approach to stay on track and accomplish their goals. Previously, I articulated the case for branching out into other growing markets and different property types when … Continue reading

Branching out to solve the Biggest Challenge: Small multifamily properties

In an article I wrote at the beginning of the year, I summarized the biggest challenge of 2014 for long term real estate investors in a single word: Supply. Now that the second quarter of the year is almost coming to a close, that prediction has … Continue reading

To Domino or Not to Domino? That is the question

A very interesting debate has sprung up in a BiggerPockets Forum about my article on how to build a six figure income using real estate investing. In that discussion, the participants make different pro and con arguments over the use of the Domino … Continue reading

How to properly calculate the return on a long term real estate investment

This may come as a surprise but in my experience, most real estate investors don't know how to properly calculate the return on investment on a particular piece of property. Couple that with the fact that ROI is the metric most investors use to make … Continue reading

The principal reason you won’t become wealthy investing in real estate

The majority of my writing here covers real estate investment strategies and mindsets you can use to become wealthy with long term real estate investing. In various case studies, I have shown you how to create a six figure income  and how to retire … Continue reading

Houston Economy strength in numbers: GHP Report for 2013

Every year, the Greater Houston Partnership publishes a detailed report on the Houston economy which is a great chance for a numbers geek like me to sink my teeth on an ungodly amount of data. Below are a few highlights from the report. As … Continue reading

On our need for structure and escaping the affordability mentality

Most of the articles I have written for Investing Architect revolve around strategies, ideas and plans you can apply and reach your retirement and wealth goals. But I am a firm believer that even the most brilliant of strategies would not be executed … Continue reading

The biggest challenge of 2014 for long term real estate investors

Sometime around the summer of 2013, the investing landscape in Houston began to change at a rapid pace. Demand soared, inventories shrunk to record levels and the Houston real estate market lit up like a wildfire. Bank owned foreclosures, the … Continue reading

Scorching Houston rental Market in August: Record rents (+6.6%) and properties leased (+14%)

I've been absent around these parts for a couple of months because let's face it: Who wants to hear about real estate market statistics when the alternative is to carry your favorite ice cold adult beverage as you contemplate how it will take before … Continue reading

May rental market report: Available inventory and units leased jump as days on market shrink

The rental market data for the performance of investment grade rentals during the month of May is in and it offers some fascinating insight. First let's start with the biggest surprise: At the end of May, the available inventory of rental … Continue reading