Houston Economy strength in numbers: GHP Report for 2013

Every year, the Greater Houston Partnership publishes a detailed report on the Houston economy which is a great chance for a numbers geek like me to sink my teeth on an ungodly amount of data.

Strength in Numbers

Below are a few highlights from the report.

As of November 2013:

  1. Unemployment rate: 5.6% (vs. 7.0% national unemployment rate)
  2. Employment: 2.8% Job growth – Greater Houston area added 86,200 jobs during the previous 12 months (Number #1  in the State of Texas). During 2014, the GHP predicts that the Houston area will experience 2.5% job growth and add 69,800 additional jobs.
  3. Affordability: Living costs in Houston are 6.5% below national average for large metro areas
  4. Home Sales: 87,635 homes sold during the previous 12 months for a total volume of $20.8B (+19.4% and +31.9% respective increases over 2012)

Or feel free to download the complete reports below:

Full Reports:

Houston Economy Report for 2013 – Greater Houston Partnership

Population_Employment_Forecast- GHP 2014

Employment-Forecast 2014 GHP

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