How to create a six figure income with real estate investing

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like if you could create a six figure annual income from your long term real estate investments? Today's post is about how the investments we plan and execute today could get you there at some point in the near future. The math of creating a six figure income from your real estate investments is quite simple. Essentially, there are two, very different routes to get there: The Blueprint Method we advocate involves fewer properties and much … [Read more...]

Weaving real estate investing magic: Crafting a Blueprint

Last week, I wrote a "meat and potatoes" post where  three  Houston investment properties in premium locations were dissected and analyzed thoroughly. (Read that post if you haven't already. I'll wait). Their locations were stellar: excellent schools, amenities and access. The numbers were solid: Positive cashflow, cash on cash returns between 8-10% and cap rates north of 7%. But anyone who reads this blog knows where I ultimately stand on this. It's not about the properties. Real estate … [Read more...]