How to compound real estate investing results with a little extra effort

If I could show you a way to compound your real estate investing results by investing a little extra effort over time, would you be interested? I know it sounds too good to be true but lend me your mind for a short while and I’ll explain exactly what I mean. For the past couple of weeks I have been reading Darren Hardy’s fantastic book “The Compound Effect”. Darren is a protege of the late Jim Rohn whose teachings have had a great influence on me. (I like to think of Jim as a great mentor I … [Read more...]

How to increase velocity of money to turbocharge your investment returns

Fact: Every investor I've had the privilege to help has worked extremely hard to earn and save the capital required to make long term real estate investments. So it's no wonder that as an investor you want to put in practice strategies that maximize your return on that capital. But I have a slightly different take on this matter. Because I've seen first hand how hard many of you work to create that capital, we have a duty to make that capital work as hard as possible to help achieve your … [Read more...]

Branching out to solve the Biggest Challenge: Small multifamily properties

In an article I wrote at the beginning of the year, I summarized the biggest challenge of 2014 for long term real estate investors in a single word: Supply. Now that the second quarter of the year is almost coming to a close, that prediction has become reality. And as we go into the summer months, supply historically shrinks even further as demand rises. In the meantime, your financial goals are still there, calling for acquisitions to be made to build income streams that lead to financial … [Read more...]

To Domino or Not to Domino? That is the question

A very interesting debate has sprung up in a BiggerPockets Forum about my article on how to build a six figure income using real estate investing. In that discussion, the participants make different pro and con arguments over the use of the Domino Method to accelerate the payoff of debt in your portfolio. I think it would be beneficial for our readers here as well as the participants of that discussion if I addressed each argument in greater detail. Not sure if I like this method... takes 149 … [Read more...]

Appreciation play: How to make money in real estate when there is no cashflow

As most our regular readers already know, our cornerstone Blueprint real estate investing strategy relies on the long term acquisition of cashflow positive, quality assets to grow your capital base and reach your income goals at retirement. So surely, many of you must be squinting at the title, rubbing your eyes in disbelief at the prospect of an investing strategy where cashflow is not present. But the fact is that many long term investors just like you, equate asset quality with location … [Read more...]

Does your real estate investing strategy offer flexibility?

In my last post, I discussed one of the most important advantages of our Blueprint real estate investing strategy: Built in performance benchmarks. Well, today I want to tell you about another unique advantage that's just as important. Unlike other strategies that by their very nature are rigid and resistant to change, our Blueprint strategy allows real estate investors the flexibility to make adjustments midstream to account for potential changes in goals, personal finances, portfolio … [Read more...]

Debt free real estate investing for income and appreciation

When I have previously outlined our Blueprint real estate investing strategy, I have usually given examples that involved the leveraged acquisition of quality assets followed by an aggressive campaign of debt elimination to produce maximum cashflow at retirement. But as crucial as smart leverage can be to the investing success of some investors following our strategy, it is not required or necessary. At its very essence, our Blueprint is the road map from where you currently are to where you are … [Read more...]

Asset allocation in a Blueprint real estate investing portfolio

As more and more investors come to the consensus that a well-crafted real estate investing strategy can help them achieve their financial goals (even the R word itself: Retirement) a fundamental question arises: How should you allocate your real estate holdings within a Blueprint real estate portfolio? Now, the whole notion of "allocation" within a portfolio containing 100% real estate assets may come across as unnecessary. But keep in mind that even in an "all-stock" investment portfolio, there … [Read more...]

Four stages of executing our Blueprint investing strategy

Every wise real estate investor's journey begins with a clear, overarching investment strategy. This strategy is the roadmap to get you from where you are to where you are trying to go. So needless to say, to come up with a worthwhile strategy, you must know your destination and be able to distill it into specific, time limited and written goals. If you can provide your goals, our Blueprint real estate investing strategy can provide you with a path to get there. More specifically it will show … [Read more...]

On Cashflow – How to build real estate investment income the right way

In the word of long term real estate investing, cashflow is the holy grail. Everyone wants it, searches for it and wants to know how to get it. And who can blame them? Build enough positive cashflow without undertaking excessive risk and you've made it. Free to do whatever you wish with your life without worrying about that monthly overhead "anchor" that keeps you tied down for decades. But most real estate investors have a mathematical understanding of what cashflow is but not a conceptual one. … [Read more...]

How to retire in 7 years with real estate investing

Real estate investors' goals vary in nature: Sometimes it's about growing their portfolio's value or income from it to a certain amount. In other cases though, it's all about time. How can they achieve what they want (retirement, financial freedom, quit the job to stay home with the kids) in X number of years? How many assets do they need to purchase and what level of invested capital will be required? And most importantly, how do all the pieces fit together in a coherent strategy? Our … [Read more...]