Big news for real estate investors: Fannie loosens lending guidelines

It seems just before the ink dried on my last post about financing for investment properties, an update is required. And this is a very welcome update I'd like to write more often. As I pointed out previously, long term real estate investors were restricted to a maximum number of 10 conventional mortgages they could have outstanding at one time. So if your investment goals required more properties, you were either up a creek or had to look at alternative less favorable types of financing i.e … [Read more...]

Financing for investment properties – A Primer

Fair warning - this will be a long one because it needs to be. Financing is a crucial component to investing in real estate long term because it impacts both your returns on investment and your investing experience. If you opt for the wrong kind of financing, that could mean that a great investment property isn't cashflowing like it should due to your interest rate being too high. Or if you go with an inexperienced Lender, the process to obtain financing will be so tedious you won't want to do … [Read more...]