About Scott Smith

Scott Smith protects his clients from lawsuits and makes them "judgment proof". With over 5 years experience in the litigation, Scott works on proactively building tax advantaged companies which double as defensive asset holding structures to stop lawsuits before they are ever filed. Scott is a real estate investor himself and 100% of his clients are are also investors. Whether you are looking to protect your personal assets, set up a self-directed IRA, or need estate planning, I can help. Contact me at (512) 757 3994 or email at [email protected]

How to assemble a “judgment proof” asset protection strategy – A comprehensive guide

Note: Today I have the honor of welcoming Scott Smith as an expert guest contributor to Investing Architect. Scott is an Attorney that specializes in asset protection strategies for long-term real estate investors. He is a real estate investor himself and uses the same strategies he will share with us to protect himself and his portfolio. What I admire most about Scott's writing is that it is all substance and no fluff. Enjoy! --  *** This information is not legal advice and I am not your … [Read more...]