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We will help you achieve Financial Independence

Investing Architect

Successful Professionals: 

Want to replace your salary

with passive real estate income?  

and give you a powerful Blueprint on how to replace your job income

See the actual portfolio 

of a medical doctor client worth $2.6M that will produce $119,414 per year in passive real estate income in 17 years.

The Blueprint Strategy works every time it is executed with focus and discipline. 

Below are actual portfolios of clients who have applied our strategy

 and are well on the way to financial independence. 


See the actual portfolio 

of small business owner client worth $2.8M that will produce $150,000 per year in passive real estate income in 18 years.

See the actual portfolio 

of an oil and gas engineer client worth $954,000 that will produce $48,968 per year in passive real estate income in 9 years.

I help successful professionals replace their salary with passive real estate income so they can achieve financial independence, retire early and gain the freedom to live the life they always wanted.

Let's explore if I can help you achieve your goals

Erion Shehaj


Client Testimonials

Our clients love what we do

Katie Walsh

Donna Kittelberger

"Overall a great experience. They provide a very high level of customer service making you feel like you are their only client."

" I cannot stress enough what a GREAT experience it was working with Erion and his staff."

Susan Thakkar

"Their level of knowledge, skill, dedication and resourcefulness set them apart"

Successful Professionals: 

Replace your Salary with real estate income

Get the Step-by-Step Case Study that shows how you can replace your job income with passive real estate income and achieve financial independence

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